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Roster of the Research Team
Principal Researchers
  Le Théâtre de la Chauve-Souris (1927, 1928) Claude Conyers
  The London Productions (1929-1931) Barbara Newman
  The Hollywood Films (1938–1944) Beth Genné
1931 Orphée aux Enfers Judith Chazin Bennahum
1936 Ziegfeld Follies of 1936 Beth Genné
1936 On Your Toes (revivals, 1937, 1954, 1982) Lynn Garafola
1937 Babes in Arms Constance Valis Hill
1938 I Married an Angel Marilyn Hunt
1938 The Boys from Syracuse Camille Hardy
1938 Great Lady Barbara Palfy
1940 Keep Off the Grass Kate Mattingly
1940 Louisiana Purchase Marilyn Hunt
1940 Cabin in the Sky Constance Valis Hill
1942 The Lady Comes Across Dawn Lille
1942 Rosalinda George Dorris
1942 The Ballet of the Elephants Sally Banes
1943 The Merry Widow (revival, 1957) George Dorris
1943 What’s Up Christopher Caines
1944 Dream with Music Doug Fullington
1944 Song of Norway (revival, 1962) Janice Ross
1945 Mr. Strauss Goes to Boston Elizabeth Aldrich
1947 The Chocolate Soldier Elizabeth Aldrich
1948 Where’s Charley? Sally Sommer
1951 Courtin’ Time Camille Hardy
1954 House of Flowers Thomas F. DeFrantz
Special Consultants and Researchers
Hollywood Films: Frank W. D. Ries
Broadway Shows: Miles Kreuger
Musical Scores: Russell Warner
Play Scripts and Production Records: David Leopold
Oral History: Susan Kraft
Researchers at Large
Mindy Aloff (New York City)
Sandra Archer (Hollywood)
James P. Cassaro (Pittsburgh)
Sarah Gibbard Cook (Madison, Wisconsin)
Iris Fanger (Boston)
Monica Moseley (New York City)
Michelle Potter (Australia)
Jane Pritchard (England)
Nancy Randle (Los Angeles)
Nancy Reynolds (New York City)
Jada Shapiro (New York City)
Catherine Ryan Slavonia (San Francisco)
Martha Ullman West (Portland, Oregon)
Research Assistants
Jill Antonides, assisting Janice Ross
Orit Greenberg, assisting Beth Genné
Micky Mayes, assisting Constance Valis Hill
Katherine Myers, assisting Sally Sommer
Technical Assistants, Audio/Video Recording
Christopher Caines
Miranda Hardy
Leslie Hansen Kopp
Oral History Transcribers and Copyeditors
Claude Conyers
Mel Friedman
Martha Goldstein
Deborah Lattimore, TechniType Transcripts
Katherine Myers
Barbara Palfy
Else Peck
Music Transcribers and Pianists
Christian Matijas
Justin Spidel
Database Technicians
Consultant: Darrell Raymond, Alternative Output, Inc.
Programmer: Jeffery Triggs, Global Language, Inc.

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