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No Fixed Points: Dance in the Twentieth Century
by Nancy Reynolds and Malcolm McCormick is now available in a paperback edition by Yale University Press

This award-winning history of twentieth-century theatrical dance includes more than 200 exceptional photographs. The affordable new paperback edition makes this classic work accessible to a wider audience.

Below is some of the praise the book received when it was first published in hardcover.

"There is simply no other history of twentieth-century dance that is as detailed, comprehensive, and readable as No Fixed Points. Much thought has gone into it, along with prodigious research."- Lynn Garafola

"No Fixed Points is a monumental tribute to dance in the twentieth century. Astoundingly well researched, insightful, clear, and inspiring, it is a real treasure."- Frederic Franklin

"With its encyclopedic scope, this new book by dance authority Nancy Reynolds will be an essential resource in the library of anyone interested in the history and evolution of 20th century dance."- Edward Villella

"The dance book of the year. No Fixed Points is not only extraordinarily informative, it’s amazingly readable. You may not agree with every word, but you’ll read every word with pleasure and profit."- New York Observer

"This is, in sum, a work of astonishing and comprehensive research, of intellectual clarity, of sure understanding, of-ultimately-passionate belief in dance itself."- Clement Crisp, Dancing Times

"No Fixed Points is the indispensable guide to understanding and appreciation that serious dance lovers have been waiting for, essentially replacing every other general overview. . . . It is encyclopedic in scope, formidably scholarly and enticingly readable, offering a brilliant amalgam of narrative fact and aesthetic analysis; altogether a daunting achievement."- Michael Crabb, Dance International

"Dance in the 20th century, its busiest and most productive time of all, is wonderfully captured in Nancy Reynolds and Malcolm McCormick’s finely illustrated new book. All dance fans must read this book; anyone who wishes to be entertained about dance needs to have it always to hand."- Francis Mason, New York Sun ".

"The book succeeds brilliantly at the essential task of writing a first draft of 20th century dance history. Those who seek to shape the unknowable future of ballet and modern dance will henceforth read this book to learn about their extraordinary past."- Terry Teachout, Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Here is a coherent, reasoned and entertaining chronicle of dance performance in the West over the [last] hundred years. . . . Extraordinary. . . . Intelligent and responsible. . . . For the work as a whole we can only be grateful."- Robert Gottlieb, New York Times


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