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The Balanchine Essays

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Toward the latter part of his life, Balanchine talked about creating a "dictionary" of his technique, a visual reference for students of the ballet. The Foundation has helped to fulfill his wish by producing The Balanchine Essays. The Essays provide over nine hours of visual discussion of Balanchine’s ideas on technique that are not only educational but also protect the high standards Balanchine himself set for his dancers.

Credit: Brian Rushton

Former New York City Ballet principal dancers Merrill Ashley and Suki Schorer are the co-creators of the Essays, in which they demonstrate crucial aspects of Balanchine Style® and Balanchine Technique® and illustrate how the choreographer applied them in his ballets. The Essays are directed by veteran television arts director Merrill Brockway, who collaborated with Balanchine in creating several programs in the award-winning television series Dance in America. Catherine Tatge, who earlier produced the CBS Cable version of Balanchine's ballet Davidsbündlertänze, is the producer. The executive producer is Barbara Horgan.

Today the entire ten-part set is being offered for purchase by The Foundation through Titles include: Port de Bras & Épaulement, The Barre – Part 1, The Barre – Part 2, Arabesque, Jumps – Part 1, Jumps – Part 2, Pirouettes & Other Turns, Passé & Attitude, Transfer of Weight, and Pointe Technique & Pas de Bourrée.


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