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The George Balanchine Foundation's mission to reflect the highest standards of the art of dance, with particular attention to Balanchine's work, has prompted a variety of projects in the areas of preservation, documentation, and education. These range in scope from the intimate, time-honored act of passing down choreography from one generation to the next in the studio to the use of interactive technology in disseminating the history and performance of dance and related arts.

Current Projects:

  • Balanchine Catalogue
  • The Balanchine Essays
  • The Balanchine Lectures
  • The George Balanchine Foundation Video Archives
  • MediaText
  • Music Dances: Balanchine Choreographs Stravinsky
  • Popular Balanchine
  • Frederic Franklin oral history

  • Renard video shoot with Todd Bolender and Christopher Barksdale
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