Georgi Melitonovich Balanchivadze, son of a composer, is born in St. Petersburg, Russia, on January 22.


Enters ballet section of Imperial Theater School, St. Petersburg, as a day student.


Admitted to the Imperial Theater School as a boarding student.


Performs on stage for the first time, playing a cupid in Marius Petipa's The Sleeping Beauty, an experience he later credits with inspiring him to pursue a career in ballet; dances in school performances and acts in plays.


The Imperial Theater School and the Maryinsky Theater are closed in the wake of the Russian Revolution. Balanchivadze finds work as a messenger, saddler’s assistant, and pianist for a silent-film theater.


After more than a year's interruption, resumes studies at the renamed Petrograd Theater (Ballet) School. ― Appears in repertory at the renamed State Maryinsky Theater of Opera and Ballet; performs with fellow students for workers' clubs, army units and educational institutions.

ca. 1919

Creates first choreography, for Ballet School concerts [1-3]. ― Embarks on three years of study at the Petrograd Conservatory of Music, directed by Alexander Glazounov, focusing on piano and music theory. ― Begins to compose music.--- Stravinsky's first ballets, Firebird and Petrouchka, are presented at the State Maryinsky Theater.


Graduates with honors from Petrograd Theater (Ballet) School [4-5]. ―Enters ballet company of the renamed Petrograd State (Academic) Theater of. Opera and Ballet. ― Sees and is influenced by performances of Kasyan Goleizovsky's Chamber Ballet. ― Obtains score of Stravinsky's Pulcinella [35].


Choreographs works for Petrograd Theater School graduation performances and continues to perform with State Theater of Opera and Ballet [6-13]. ― With Pėtr Gusev, Vladimir Dimitriev, Yuri Slonimsky, and others, organizes a small experimental company called Young Ballet, performing in Petrograd, nearby resorts and Moscow. ― Fėdor Lopukhov, artistic director of State Theater of Opera and Ballet, invites Young Ballet to participate in his independent production, Dance Symphony.


Creates works for official debut of Young Ballet. ― Performs as pianist and dancer in cabarets, cinemas and at Svobodny Theater, and works with FEKS company (The Fabricators of Eccentricities, Inc.). ― Is named a ballet master of Maly Opera Theater in Petrograd. [14-29]


Choreographs works for what will be final performances of Young Ballet [30-35]. — Joins troupe of dancers, singers and musicians, directed by Vladimir Dimitriev and including dancers Alexandra Danilova, Tamara Geva, and Nicholas Efimov, to tour Germany. — Departs from Russia. — With the three other dancers, calling themselves Principal Dancers of the Russian State Ballet, performs in Berlin and tours Rhineland towns. — At end of tour, rejecting theater administration’s order to return to Soviet Union, goes to London. —Performs at popular music hall; seen by Anton Dolin and Boris Kochno. — In Paris, group auditions for Serge Diaghilev. — Diaghilev engages dancers, who join his Ballets Russes in London, and changes name Georgi Balanchivadze to Georges Balanchine.