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       Choreography by George Balanchine: A Catalogue of Works, an expanded and updated electronic version of the book of the same name published in 1983, is an online searchable database of all known dances created by Balanchine, giving details of the first performance, major revisions, stagings, and visual records in a condensed form. Other searchable content includes Roles that Balanchine performed and a Chronology of his life and work, as well as a Bibliography, a Filmography, a Videography, and a listing of major archival sources. Research for the project, begun in 1977, involved archival study in the United States and Europe as well as correspondence and interviews with associates and dancers in many parts of the world. Until his final illness, Balanchine’s own participation in the effort was invaluable.

       Catalogue records are numbered in chronological order. These numbers are the primary reference indicators of the database and, in addition to the Catalogue, will be found in the Chronological Title List and in the alphabetical listing of Titles by Category. After the TITLE, catalogue records are organized by fields: MUSIC, CHOREOGRAPHY, PRODUCTION, PREMIERE, CAST, and where appropriate, a NOTE, REVISIONS, NEW PRODUCTIONS, OTHER VERSIONS, FILM, VIDEO/DVD, and ARCHIVAL VIDEO. They conclude with cross references in italics, with an asterisk indicating a work’s primary entry. STAGINGS, TELEVISION, and SOURCE NOTES (referring to sources other than common printed materials such as programs and reviews) are accessed by links.

       In the 20 years since the first edition of the Catalogue, the advent of the World Wide Web, the widespread use of video, the accessibility of archives long closed in Russia, and new information uncovered in Popular Balanchine, a research project of The George Balanchine Foundation specializing in his commercial work, have enabled a significant enlargement of the original volume. Over time, some dozen concert works by Balanchine, unknown in 1983, have come to light. The Web version of Choreography by George Balanchine, a project of The George Balanchine Foundation, provides the public with unrestricted access to this information. Updates, corrections, and other new material (accompanied by documentation) are invited: (

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