274. Music and Dance 1951
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George Balanchine (eight of thirteen dances), Todd Bolender, Frank Hobi, and Francisco Moncion
Presented by the National Orchestral Society, Leon Barzin, Musical Director. Artistic Director: George Balanchine. Lighting Director: Jean Rosenthal
February 10, 1951, Carnegie Hall, New York. Danced by members of the New York City Ballet and students of the School of American Ballet. Conductor: Leon Barzin
IV. SARABANDE from Louis XIV Suite (François Couperin, orchestrated by Wood-Hill): 4 women;
VI. MINUET from Symphony No. 39, K. 543 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart): Doris Breckenridge, Robert Barnett;
VII. GAVOTTE from Ladies of the Ballet (Alfred Edward Moffat): 2 couples;
VIII. BOURRÉE from Concerto for String Orchestra (Jean-Baptiste Lully): 2 couples;
IX. RIGAUDON from the Lully Concerto: 4 couples;
XI. WALTZ from Naïla (La Source, Léo Delibes): Maria Tallchief, 11 women;
XII. TANGO from Le Carnaval d’Aix (Darius Milhaud): Tanaquil Le Clercq
Performance Type
Concert Works
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Each musical selection was played by the orchestra alone and then repeated with dances. Mazurka from ‘A Life for the Tsar’ [272] was performed as Number XIII, closing the program.

Information from a suggestion of Melissa Hayden