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Alexander Scriabin (probably Caresse Dansée, Op. 57, 1908, and one of the preludes, both for piano)
George Balanchine
1923/24, Young Ballet
Tamara Geva, George Balanchine
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Pëtr Gusev recalled that Balanchine had intended a far more ambitious work, but was only able to complete the pas de deux. This was probably performed by Balanchine and Geva as an audition piece for Diaghilev in Paris in the autumn of 1924, and appears on matinee programs of divertissements performed by Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes in the Nouvelle Salle de Musique (Salle Ganne) in the Casino at Monte Carlo. In 1925, Balanchine choreographed a work to Caresse Dansée for Ruth Page and Michel Pavloff.