250. Concerto Barocco 1948
Johann Sebastian Bach (Double Violin Concerto in D minor, B.W.V. 1043)
George Balanchine
Scenery and costumes by Eugene Berman, executed by Centre Studios and Karinska under the supervision of George Balanchine. Lighting by Jean Rosenthal. (From 1951, danced in practice clothes, without scenery.)
October 11, 1948, New York City Ballet, City Center of Music and Drama, New York. Conductor: Leon Barzin
Marie-Jeanne, Francisco Moncion; Ruth Gilbert; 8 women
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Originally presented by American Ballet Caravan, Rio de Janeiro, 1941. Concerto Barocco was the first ballet danced by the New York City Ballet in its inaugural performance, October 11, 1948, which also included Orpheus [246] and Symphony in C [244].