Heather Watts in a backbend, leaning onto Mikhail Baryshnikov, both in white simple costumes, in a performance of Apollo

Choreography by George Balanchine: A Catalogue of Works provides a complete premiere-performance database record of Balanchine’s creative output. The Catalogue, compiled by scholars and researchers and initially prepared with Balanchine’s participation, covers a period of more than sixty years – from La Nuit at the Petrograd Theater Ballet School, choreographed circa 1920, to Variations for Orchestra for the New York City Ballet in 1982, his final work.

The Catalogue covers every known work staged or choreographed by Balanchine – including ballets, opera dances, operettas, movies, staged choral works, musicals, plays, concert works, television, and the circus. Full details of music, production, and opening-
night cast, along with notes on the work, revisions, stagings by other companies, and televised performances, are included.

Suzanne Farrell wearing a gold tutu with a blue sash in a penché leaning into Jacques d'Amboise kneeling in a dark blue tunic

In addition, there is a searchable chronology of Balanchine’s professional life and record of roles he danced.

An extensive bibliography, videography, filmography, program details of festivals he directed and tours undertaken by his American companies are part of The Catalogue as well.

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