318. Stars and Stripes 1958
Ballet in Five Campaigns
John Philip Sousa (as given below), adapted and orchestrated by Hershy Kay
George Balanchine
Scenery by David Hays. Costumes by Karinska. Lighting by Nananne Porcher (1958); David Hays (1964)
January 17, 1958, New York City Ballet, City Center of Music and Drama, New York. Conductor: Leon Barzin
FIRST CAMPAIGN, 1st Regiment (‘Corcoran Cadets’): Allegra Kent, 12 women;
SECOND CAMPAIGN, 2nd Regiment (‘Thunder and Gladiator’): Robert Barnett, 12 men;
THIRD CAMPAIGN, 3rd Regiment (‘Rifle Regiment’): Diana Adams, 12 women;
FOURTH CAMPAIGN (‘Liberty Bell’ and ‘El Capitan’): Melissa Hayden, Jacques d’Amboise;
FIFTH CAMPAIGN, All Regiments (‘Stars and Stripes’)
Performance Type
Video Archives Recording
George Balanchine Foundation Interpreters Archive (FOURTH CAMPAIGN, FIFTH CAMPAIGN [principal roles]), 2002, 2018 (THUNDER & GLADIATOR, CORCORAN CADETS, RIFLE REGIMENT) 2020
A balletic parade based on the themes of Sousa’s patriotic marching band music. The campaigns or movements feature each regiment in turn; following a grand pas de deux all combine in the finale as a giant American flag appears. Dedicated to the memory of Fiorello H. La Guardia, Mayor of New York City and founder of the City Center of Music and Drama.
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Recorded Performances
1995, Nonesuch, The Balanchine Library: Dancing for Mr. B (FOURTH CAMPAIGN, female variation [partial];
1996, Nonesuch, The Balanchine Celebration, Part Two (FOURTH CAMPAIGN, FIFTH CAMPAIGN [1993]);
2004, Kultur, Balanchine (coda from FOURTH CAMPAIGN; FIFTH CAMPAIGN [finale, partial]);
2006, VAI, Jacques d’Amboise: Portrait of a Great American Dancer (FOURTH CAMPAIGN, FIFTH CAMPAIGN [1959; excerpts])
1973, RM Productions;
1989, Seahorse Films, Dancing for Mr. B (FOURTH CAMPAIGN, female variation [partial])

1959 excerpts (NBC, Bell Telephone Hour)
1963 pas de deux (NBC)
1964 4th and 5th campaign (CBS, “Opening Night of the New York State Theater”)
n.d. pas de deux (German television)
1973 (RM Productions)
1976 (German television)
1993 4th and 5th campaigns (PBS, Dance in America, “The Balanchine Celebration”)