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Georges Bizet (Jeux d’Enfants, 12 pieces for piano duet, Opp. 22-26, nos. 2, 3, 6, 11, and 12, 1871, orchestrated by the composer as Petite Suite d’Orchestre, 1873; remaining sections orchestrated by an unidentified English composer)
George Balanchine, Francisco Moncion, and Barbara Milberg
Scenery and costumes by Esteban Francés. Scenery executed by Messmore & Damon; costumes executed by Helene Pons Studio. Lighting by Jean Rosenthal
November 22, 1955, New York City Ballet, City Center of Music and Drama, New York. Conductor: Leon Barzin
1. OVERTURE; 2. BADMINTON: Barbara Fallis, Richard Thomas, Jonathan Watts; 3. HOBBY HORSES: 2 couples; 4. PAPER DOLLS: 4 women; Scissors, 1 man; 5. THE LION AND THE MOUSE: Ann Crowell, Eugene Tanner; 6. THE MUSIC BOX: Una Kai, Walter Georgov, Roland Vazquez; 7. THE AMERICAN BOX: 5 women; 8. THE TOPS: Barbara Walczak, Robert Barnett; 9. THE SOLDIER: Roy Tobias; 10. THE DOLL: Melissa Hayden; 11. PAS DE DEUX: Hayden, Tobias; 12. GALOP: Entire cast
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 A set of dances for toys and playthings which come to life, with costumes and decor based on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century wooden toys, and American playthings from the early part of the twentieth century. In 1975, Balanchine choreographed the Marche, Berceuse, Duo, and Galop (nos. 6, 3, 11, 12) from Jeux d’Enfants as a pas de deux, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, for the New York City Ballet, retaining the woman’s variation from the 1955 work.
Additional Productions
1959, New York City Ballet: Restaged with choreography credited to Francisco Moncion (2-8) and George Balanchine (9-12).