Selected Bibliography
Updated from the 1983 Catalogue by Susan Au et al.
I. Writings by Balanchine

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Based on the 1968 New Complete Stories of the Great Ballets, but including only ballets choreographed by Balanchine.

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II. Books Relating to Balanchine

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Balanchine Choreography Recorded on Film
Compiled by Robert Greskovic

Agon — 1973 (RM Productions)
Concerto Barocco — 1973 (RM Productions)
Divertimento from ‘Le Baiser de la Fee’ — 1973 (RM Productions)
Duo Concertant — 1973 (RM Productions)
Episodes — 1973 (RM Productions)
Liebeslieder Walzer — 1973 (RM Productions)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream — 1966 (Oberon Productions, 1967)
The Nutcracker — 1993 (film adaptation, Warner Brothers)
Pulcinella — 1973 (RM Productions)
Serenade — 1973 (RM Productions)
Stars and Stripes — 1973 (RM Productions)
Symphony in C — 1973 (RM Productions)
Tarantella — 1973 (RM Productions)
Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux — 1973 (RM Productions)
La Valse — 1973 (RM Productions)
Valse Fantaisie from ‘Glinkiana’ — 1973 (RM Productions)
Violin Concerto (Stravinsky Violin Concerto); — 1973 (RM Productions)
Western Symphony — 1955 (Monitor Productions)

Dark Red Roses — 1930 (Era Films)
Tartar Ballet, ‘Jealousy’

The Goldwyn Follies — 1938 (United Artists)
Romeo and Juliet Ballet
Water Nymph Ballet

On Your Toes — 1939 (Warner Brothers)
La Princesse Zenobia Ballet
Slaughter on Tenth Avenue Ballet

I Was an Adventuress — 1940
(Twentieth Century Fox)
Swan Lake Ballet

Louisiana Purchase — 1941 (Paramount Pictures)
Tonight at the Mardi Gras

Star Spangled Rhythm — 1942 (Paramount Pictures)
That Old Black Magic

Follow the Boys — 1944 (Universal Pictures)
Movie Number

Man Who Dances: Edward Villella — 1968 (Direct Cinema Ltd.)
Excerpts from Tarantella, Divertimento Brillante from Glinkiana, Rubies from Jewels, Harlequinade

Peter Martins: A Dancer — 1978 (The Film Company)
Excerpts from Agon, Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux, Chaconne

Dancing for Mr. B–Six Balanchine Ballerinas — 1989 (Seahorse Films)
Excerpts from The Four Temperaments (Ballet Society rehearsal), Firebird, Concerto Barocco, Scotch Symphony, Stars and Stripes, Agon, Symphony in C, Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux, Apollo, Ballo della Regina, La Sonnambula (rehearsal)

Suzanne Farrell: Elusive Muse — 1996 (Seahorse Films)
Excerpts from Meditation, Don Quixote, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, Concerto Barocco, Robert Schumann’s ‘Davidsbündlertänze’


Compiled by Robert Greskovic
With Additional Material by Claude Conyers

American Ballet Theatre at the Met: Mixed Bill

Kultur, 1999.
A live performance (1984) at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York. Includes Sylvia: Pas de Deux, danced by Martine Van Hamel and Patrick Bissell.

The Art of Maria Tallchief

Video Artists International (VAI), 2003
Telecasts from Radio-Canada and the Bell Telephone Hour, 1954-1966, including performances previously issued on videotape as Maria Tallchief in Montreal and Maria Tallchief: Complete Bell Telephone Hour Performances. Includes excerpts from Swan LakeAllegro BrillantePas de Dix, and Scotch Symphony, with André Eglevsky and a corps de ballet.

The Art of the Pas de Deux, Volume 1

Video Artists International (VAI), 2006.
Includes excerpts from a 1984 performance of Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux by Patricia McBride and Reid Olson.


Kultur, 2004.
A two-part documentary film telecast on the Dance in America series on May 28 and June 4, 1984. Includes excerpts from more than thirty Balanchine ballets, including appearances by him as a Tartar Nomad in Jealousy, in the film Dark Red Roses, in 1929 and as Herr Drosselmeyer in The Nutcracker in 1958.

The Balanchine Celebration, Part One

The Balanchine Library. Nonesuch, 1996.
Selections from live performances (1993) at the New York State Theater. With members of the New York City Ballet and guest artists. Includes Scherzo à la Russe and excerpts from ApolloSquare DanceTheme and VariationsUnion JackVienna Waltzes, and Walpurgisnacht Ballet.

The Balanchine Celebration, Part Two

The Balanchine Library. Nonesuch, 1996.
Selections from live performances (1993) at the New York State Theater. With members of the New York City Ballet and guest artists. Includes excerpts from AgonStars and StripesWestern Symphony, and Who Cares?

The Balanchine Essays: Arabesque

The Balanchine Library. Nonesuch, 1995.
Analysis of details of Balanchine’s approach to classical technique, demonstrated by Merrill Ashley (and others) and introduced by Suki Schorer. Includes brief phrases from The NutcrackerDonizetti VariationsDivertimento No. 15Raymonda VariationsSwan LakeSerenadeSymphony in C, and The Four Temperaments.

The Balanchine Essays: Passé and Attitude

The Balanchine Library. Nonesuch, 1996.
Analysis of details of Balanchine’s approach to classical technique, demonstrated by Merrill Ashley (and others) and introduced by Suki Schorer. Includes brief phrases from AgonConcerto BaroccoDiamondsRaymonda VariationsTschaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 2La SourceScotch SymphonySymphony in CSwan LakeSquare DanceThe Nutcracker, and Stars and Stripes.

The Balanchine Essays: Port de Bras and Épaulement

The Balanchine Library. Nonesuch, 1996.
Analysis of details of Balanchine’s approach to classical technique, demonstrated by Merrill Ashley (and others) and introduced by Suki Schorer. Includes brief phrases from Divertimento No. 15, and Symphony in C.

The Ballets Russes in Australia, 1936-1940

National Library of Australia, 1999.
A documentary about the de Basil Ballets Russes in Australia and its influence on the development of native ballet companies. With archival footage of brief excerpts of many ballets in the Ballets Russes repertory, including La Concurrence.

Ballets Russes

Zeitgeist Films, 2005.
A documentary touching on all the Ballets Russes companies, beginning with Diaghilev and ending with Denham’s Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. With archival footage of brief excerpts of numerous ballets from various repertories, including CotillonThe Four Temperaments, and early versions of Danses ConcertantesLeBourgeois GentilhommeBallet ImperialLa Sonnambula (Night Shadow)Mozartiana, and Serenade.

Bringing Balanchine Back: The Historic Return to Russia

City Lights Media, 2008.
Directed by Richard Blanshard. Narrated by Kevin Kline
A documentary recording the New York City Ballet’s visit to St. Petersburg, 2003. Includes generous live-performance excerpts from such rarely filmed Balanchine ballets as Symphony in Three MovementsSymphony in CWestern SymphonyAgon, and Serenade, as well as Jerome Robbins’s Glass Pieces and Peter Martins’s Hallelujah Junction. Brief footage of Balanchine in Russia on earlier visits.

Bujones, in His Image

Kultur, 2002.
A documentary film (1986) on the career of Fernando Bujones. Includes the male variation from Pas de Trois (Glinka).

Choreography by Balanchine (Part 1)

The Balanchine Library. Nonesuch, 1995.
Telecast on the Dance in America series on December 14, 1977. With members of the New York City Ballet. Includes TziganeAndante from Divertimento No.15, and The Four Temperaments.

Choreography by Balanchine (Part 2)

The Balanchine Library. Nonesuch, 1995.
Selections from the telecast on the Dance in America series on December 21, 1977. With members of the New York City Ballet. Includes Stravinsky Violin Concerto and excerpts from the Emeralds and Diamonds sections of Jewels.

Choreography by Balanchine (Part 3)

The Balanchine Library. Nonesuch, 1995.
Telecast on the Dance in America series on November 29, 1978. With members of the New York City Ballet. Includes Chaconne and Prodigal Son.

Choreography by Balanchine (Part 4)

The Balanchine Library. Nonesuch, 1995.
Selections from the telecast on the Dance in America series on March 7, 1979. With members of the New York City Ballet. Includes Ballo della ReginaThe Steadfast Tin SoldierElegie from Tschaikovsky Suite No. 3, and Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux.

Dancing for Mr. B: Six Balanchine Ballerinas

The Balanchine Library. Nonesuch, 1996.
A documentary film (1989) telecast on the Dance in America series on March 30, 1990. With Maria Tallchief, Melissa Hayden, Mary Ellen Moylan, Allegra Kent, Merrill Ashley, Darci Kistler, and members of Ballet Society and the New York City Ballet. Includes excerpts from The Four Temperaments (Ballet Society rehearsal), FirebirdConcerto BaroccoScotch SymphonyStars and StripesAgonSymphony in CTschaikovsky Pas de DeuxApolloBallo della ReginaLa Sonnambula (rehearsal), and brief clips from others.

Follow the Boys

MCA Universal Home Video, 1994.
A musical film (Universal Pictures, 1944), with a large cast led by Vera Zorina and George Raft. Includes a production number featuring Zorina and a beguine danced by the principals.

Gala Tribute to Tchaikovsky

Home Vision, 1994.
A live performance (1993) at the Royal Opera House, London. Includes Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux, danced by Darcey Bussell and Zoltan Solymosi.

The Goldwyn Follies

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Home Entertainment, 2000.
A musical film (MGM/United Artists, 1938), with a large cast headed by Adolphe Menjou. Includes Romeo and Juliet Ballet and Water Nymph Ballet, danced by Vera Zorina, William Dollar, and members of the American Ballet of the Metropolitan Opera.

Jacques d’Amboise: Portrait of a Great American Dancer

Video Artists International, 2006.
Telecasts from Radio-Canada and The Bell Telephone Hour, 1956-1965. Includes Apollo (complete, with birth scene) with Jillana, Francia Russell, and Diana Adams, and excerpts from Stars and Stripes, with Melissa Hayden.

Jewels (Joyaux)

BBC/Opus Arte, 2006.
A live performance (2005) of the complete, three-part ballet at the Palais Garnier, Paris, with members of the Paris Opera Ballet.


Marinsky Label, © State Academic Marinsky Theater, St. Petersburg, Russia 2011.
Complete ballet recorded 2006 in Marinsky Theater with members of the Marinsky Ballet.

Louisiana Purchase

MCA Universal Home Video, 2002.
A musical film (Paramount Pictures, 1941), starring Bob Hope, Vera Zorina, and Victor Moore. Includes Tonight at the Mardi Gras, danced by Zorina and Charles Laskey.

Man Who Dances: Edward Villella

Direct Cinema, 1980.
A documentary film (1968) on the career of Edward Villella. Includes excerpts from Tarantella and the Rubies section of Jewels and fragments of GlinkianaHarlequinade, and Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux, with Patricia McBride and members of New York City Ballet.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

BBC/Opus Arte, 2004.
A live performance (1991) of the complete ballet at Seattle Center Opera House, with members of Pacific Northwest Ballet.

New York City Ballet in Montreal, Vol. 1

Video Artists International (VAI), 2014. Produced for DVD by Allan Altman.
Telecasts from Radio-Canada, 1956-1960.Serenade (Complete) with Diana Adams,
Patricia Wilde, Yvonne Mounsey, Jacques d’Amboise, Herbert Bliss. 1957.
Orpheus (Complete) with Nicholas Magallanes, Violette Verdy, Francisco Moncion, Roy Tobias, Judith Green. 1960. Both with the Corps de Ballet of New York City Ballet.
Choreography by George Balanchine.

New York City Ballet in Montreal, Vol. 2

Video Artists International (VAI), 2014. Produced for DVD by Allan Altman.
Telecasts from Radio-Canada, 1956-1960. Concerto Barocco (Complete) with Tanaquil LeClercq, Jacques d’Amboise, Diana Adams, Corps de Ballet of New York City Ballet. 1956.

The Nutcracker – Grand pas de Deux with Diana Adams, Nicholas Magallanes. 1957. Pas de Dix (Complete) with Maria Tallchief, André Eglevsky and featured soloists. 1957. Agon (Complete) with Diana Adams, Violette Verdy, Jillana., Francia Russell, Todd Bolender, Arthur Mitchell, Richard Rapp, Roy Tobias, Susan Borree, Carole Fields, Marlene Mesavage. 1960. Choreography by George Balanchine.

The Nutcracker (issued as George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker)

Warner Home Video, 2003.
A film adaptaion (Warner Bros., 1993) of the complete ballet. With members of the New York City Ballet and students of the School of American Ballet.

Pas de Deux

Video Artists International (VAI), 1999.
Includes a 1984 performance of Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux by Patricia McBride and Reid Owen.

Peter Martins: A Dancer

Kultur, 2001.
A documentary film (1978) on the career of Peter Martins. Includes excerpts from AgonTschaikovsky Pas de Deux, and Chaconne, with Suzanne Farrell.

Robert Schumann’s “Davidsbündlertänze”

The Balanchine Library. Nonesuch, 1995.
A 1981 performance of the complete ballet. With members of the New York City Ballet.

Suzanne Farrell, Elusive Muse

WinStar TV & Video, 2001.
A documentary film (1996) on the career of Suzanne Farrell. Includes excerpts from MeditationDon QuixoteA Midsummer Night’s DreamSlaughter on Tenth AvenueConcerto BaroccoRobert Schumann’s “Davidsbündlertänze”, and brief clips of others, with Jacques d’Amboise, Peter Martins, and members of the New York City Ballet.

Star Spangled Rhythm

MCA Home Video, 1999.
A musical film (Paramount Pictures, 1942), with a large cast of Hollywood stars. Includes That Old Black Magic, a solo danced by Vera Zorina.

Violette et Mr. B

Films du Prieuré/ARTE France, 2005.
A documentary (2001) by Dominique Delouche, in French with English subtitles. Violette Verdy coaches dancers from the Paris Opera Ballet in works Balanchine created for her. Includes excerpts from the Emeralds section of JewelsLiebeslieder WalzerSonatine, and Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux.